Michelle Drielsma is an Exercise Physiologist and a Strength & Conditioning Coach from the Northern Beaches. Michelle is a graduate of Sydney University with a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science. She has gained clinical experience at various hospitals and medical centres as well as sports performance experience with the NSW Institute of Sport, Bulldogs NRL, Australian Rugby Union, Basketball NSW and professional Surfing, Snowboarding, Sprinting and Mixed Martial Arts athletes. Michelle has also studied with the CHEK Institute, Australian Strength and Conditioning Association and FMA Strength Institute.

Michelle has an extensive history of writing for several health and fitness publications including The Sydney Morning Herald, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Girl Surf Network, Exercise &Sports Science Australia, Nine MSN, GQ, Fitness First, Ultra-FIT Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Australian MMA and three children’s books (Lesson Zone).

Michelle’s approach combines exercise physiology and science with traditional strength training, natural full-range movement, calisthenics and mind-body integration.

“I’m a strength coach, exercise rehab specialist, surfer and am passionate about teaching surfers how to look after their bodies so they can surf more efficiently and avoid injury. It was in my mid twenties that I threw myself into surfing with something close to an addiction. Previous to this I had a somewhat balanced body from a history in dancing, teaching correct strength training techniques and exercise rehabilitation. When I started surfing everyday, I noticed my upper back started to hunch over more, my shoulders, neck and lower back ached, my head started to poke forward, my hips were rotated, my trailing knee and ankle was developing occasional pain and my strength training-dancing butt was starting to flatten. It appeared that these sensations were highlighted within my own body because I had not started surfing young and these same symptoms were exactly those things that start to creep up on long-time surfers.

The body wisdom you can gain by reading Fluid Surfer is not something easily available to surfers today, unless they visit a physical therapist who is also a surfer who understands biomechanics and physiology.

I teach the principles in this book, Fluid Surfer, and 100% of clients who have adhered to their mobility programs have found great benefit to their posture, surfing and muscle tension levels. We can’t all see a massage or physical therapist every day, but we can learn techniques to free and soften up our bodies for enhanced surf performance and longevity. ” – Michelle Drielsma.