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The depth of work I teach in this book is worth at least 10 years of formal study, 27 years of movement study and at least 10 individual client coaching sessions, valued at $1000+.

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Three practical mini e-books are now available on Amazon - Fluid Surfer Shoulder, Fluid Surfer Lower Back and Fluid Surfer Knee.
These books were created by demand and target their mentioned body areas predominantly. These mini books are essentially their respective chapters from the original, full-version, physical book. If you are struggling with a specific issue, such as the shoulders, lower back or knees, these books could be simple yet perfect solution for you. Click on the book your want to the right (or below for mobile view) to buy on Amazon.


Fluid Surfer Shoulder Amazon Michelle Drielsma

Fluid Surfer Lower Back Amazon Michelle Drielsma

Fluid Surfer Knee Amazon Michelle Drielsma


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Not so keen on a book but wanting videos instead?

If this sounds like you, head to Surf Strength & Conditioning and choose my Mobility program. You will receive weekly mobility techniques, fed via professional videos and accompanying text instruction. In this membership, you will receive all of the mobility techniques included in the Fluid Surfer book and more, including movement mobility drills which are more effectively shown in moving pictures! These techniques are categorised by body area into an clean, practical exercise library. which you can consult again and again. Get onto it!

Hey I just wanted to give you a shoutout, your book has already helped me surf better and just move better in general. I feel so much more comfortable in the water and it's all thanks to you. You're a bloody legend!


I just went for a surf on a short board!!! It got delivered by courier to my door at mid day. After so much time with shoulder pain keeping me out of the water, I have pulled up OK, had some super fun waves with only one other guy out and glassy shoulder high walls. Thanks for helping me get there!!


The book and techniques have been fantastic. Whilst I was always stretching and completing some yoga routines daily, I have found that your targeted mobility exercises have been simple and effective. You certainly focus on the areas that have caused me some issues. My shoulders and hips are feeling improvement after even a short while.


Michelle's book is the best!! It's so well laid out and easy to follow. Brilliant.


My shoulder has improved signficantly especially overhead. As a bonus i've had less pain in my right wrist as well. I've even given the golf ball to some of the people I train with :)


Your help was very useful and extremely well on the mark!