Do I have to be professional surfer to benefit from this book?

Absolutely not. This book is suitable for those that have just started surfing, those who surf once a week, those who surf a few months per year, those who surf everyday or those who surf as a profession. Fluid Surfer addresses body imbalances and muscle tightness connected to surfing, which can start developing immediately. The more beginner you are at surfing, the more benefit you’ll get from this book since you will be preventing significant imbalances from developing as your surfing progresses. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are an advanced surfer, you will also significantly benefit from this book since you will notice your current imbalances and feel the change when you perform the techniques.

Can I lie on balls everyday or will I start damaging tissues over time?

I personally lie on balls everyday, and I rotate the techniques I am doing, unless I have particularly tight areas that need daily softening. If you follow the recommendations for performing these techniques, you will not bruise or damage tissues – reposition yourself on the ball after a few deep breaths to keep your blood flow circulating to your tissues, choose a ball which suits your pain tolerance level and spend up to 2 minutes per side (for most techniques).

What do I need to do these exercises? Will I need equipment?

To cover all techniques in this book, the most you will need is a ball or two (golf ball and a tennis or cricket ball) and a strong exercise band. There are only a few techniques requiring an exercise (power) band, and many other technique alternatives, so purchasing a band is not absolutely necessary. A yoga mat also helps. The majority of techniques in this book you can complete with your bodyweight.

Can I buy balls / bands / yoga mats from this site?

No, the beauty of the techniques in Fluid Surfer are that they are easily accessible to anyone who just has the book. The author chose not to profit from ball / band sales as these can be found and purchased as cheaply as you can find them. The quality of the tennis ball, cricket ball, golf ball, yoga mat or power band is not important. Find the products that you are comfortable buying or pull an old tennis ball / yoga mat out of your garage and you’re good to go.

How often do I need to do the exercises in the book? If I surf less often than someone else, do I do the techniques less often?

It is best to do a few of these techniques every day if you can. There is a wide range of exercises in the book from self-mobilisations to stretching to soft tissue massage to strengthening, so choosing just a few of these techniques from a combination of any style (self mobilisation / stretching / soft tissue / strengthening) will benefit you. If you don’t surf very often, there is a chance you may be even stiffer than the person that surfs everyday – if you sit at a desk all day and have developed a tight, stiff body for example. Daily exercise and movement will benefit you so my recommendation would be to follow any one of these techniques (or more) every day. The movements are not intense, apart form some of the strengthening movements in the final chapter which can be completed as intense as you make them.

I don’t have time to do these exercises! Will this be a waste of money?

What you prioritise is up to you. Health in my opinion, should be your greatest investment. If you do not have time to stretch, move, eat good food, get enough sleep and do things that make you happy, then you may spend a lot of money and time later down the track addressing health issues. If you watch TV, do the techniques at the same time. If you’re waiting for dinner to cook or if you’re on a long phone call, lie on the floor and do an exercise or two. If you read a book, read while lying on the floor on a ball. Carrying out the stretching, self-mobilisation and soft tissue techniques before bedtime can be an effective way to wind down and relax, since your body goes into relaxation mode.

I want to buy more than one copy. Will this mean that my postage fees will be less for the second order? 

The fastest way to get your order, would be to place the number of copies in the paypal box requested after you select the area you wish to post to. For example, place the number 2 for the quantity amount. If you live in Australia, this will make your order amount to $135.90. If there is a discrepancy between how much the total cost of postage is for this book between one and two orders, I will refund you the amount owing. Larger orders such as 5-10 books will need a different postage method , however could simply be ordered as above and any significant money owing to you will be refunded.

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