26 Career World Title Tour Wins, 3 Pipe Masters Victories and 2 World Titles
"As you will see within the pages of this guide, Michelle Drielsma has been on a clear & focused mission for us all by laying down well documented examples of her insights and knowledge. Putting your trust in Michelle's clear techniques will help surfers young and old to become stronger, faster and more efficient."


World Surf League Professional Surfer
"My first year training and working with Michelle, and following her injury prevention techniques, was also the year I qualified for the World Tour. This was no coincidence.

Doing some of these stretches and routines before, after or between surfs will change your experience in the water!"



A Decade in the Top Ten of Surfing's Elite World Tour
“Have you ever been in a situation when your surfing doesn't seem to be progressing any further, or you just can't seem to land that one particular manoeuvre? Personally I can say I have and usually it is because my strength and flexibility does not match the level needed to match what my mind wants to do.
Michelle's Fluid Surfer is the dream book for any surfer keen to progress past these blockages with ease. It is a golden book that can give all the answers you have been searching for, from what to work on for the simple duck dive, all the way through to core stability and knee strength in landing high airs. I met Michelle at the end of my career, I wish I had of met her and had access to this book sooner!

fluidsurferEXTEND YOUR SURFING LIFESPANTREAT BODY STIFFNESS AND ACHY JOINTS-minThis extensive, fully illustrated book is for professional surfers, daily frothers,  
weekend warriors and beginners alike